About The Happy Habitat

The Happy Habitat was formed in 2016 with the number one ambition of helping families to improve their health by optimising the environment they live in.  We follow building biology principles and believe that the buildings we live and work in should support and enhance the wellbeing of all inside.

We have a particular interest in helping parents-to-be, new parents and young families to achieve optimum living conditions.  As any parent knows, caring for a child involves taking on a huge responsibility for their health and safety and we all want what’s best for our little ones.

Preparing for the birth of your first and subsequent children is so often a time of moving, redecorating, painting, buying new possessions or letting go of old ones to make space.  In that regard, it’s the ideal time to reassess the roof under which we live, to ensure we are not exposing the young and vulnerable to unnecessary and preventable health risks that can impact them for a lifetime.

Our building biologists will holistically and thoroughly assess the health of your home, identify any risks or hidden health dangers, and provide solutions to eliminate them.  We can evaluate your home for hazards relating to air quality, water quality, mould, dust and other allergens, chemicals, toxins, bacteria, electromagnetic fields and other forms of radiation. We also offer a cost effective and eco friendly solution for rising damp.

We examine the home in its entirety, including the structure and building materials used, furnishings and other household possessions, electronic and wireless devices, water and gas services, as well as scrutinising what you keep in your garage, your bathroom cabinets and even under your kitchen sink!

Our mission is to ensure that your home provides the healthiest and happiest habitat for all within.

Our Services Include:

We cover Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle regions. Get in contact with us today if you think we can help, or if you're after some initial advice.