Dirty electricity: it could be in your home, causing you harm

What is dirty electricity?

Dirty electricity is a dangerous form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation .  You may also have heard it called electromagnetic interference (EMI), high-frequency voltage transients (HFVT) or electrical 'noise'.  It generally refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy that flows along wires (and radiates from them), that are meant for ‘clean’ 60Hz electricity. 

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Until recently, dirty electricity has been largely ignored by the scientific community.  Newly invented meters and filter equipment have enabled scientists to measure and reduce dirty electricity on electrical wires.

According to EMR Australia, dirty electricity in a home can originate from three main sources.  These are: electronic equipment within the home; neighbours’ electronic equipment; or from external sources such as base stations.  Devices commonly to blame are computers, plasma TVs, DVD players, sound systems, mobile phone base stations and solar power inverters.  Also halogen lights, compact fluorescent and older style fluorescent lights and dimmer switchers.

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What’s the harm in dirty electricity?

The human body is an electrical being.  All our cells, tissues and organs communicate with each other via small electrical currents.  It’s believed that dirty electricity disturbs these communications.  Such disruption has the potential to make the body vulnerable to disease.  Interference from unnatural energy may play havoc with sleep patterns, hormone production, our immune system and ability to heal.  Whilst the research is still in its infancy, below are some interesting findings from scientific studies.

Firstly, the impact of dirty electricity on blood sugar levels in diabetics in one such path of fascinating study.  In an electromagnetically clean environment, type 1 diabetics were found to require less insulin and type 2 diabetics had lower levels of plasma glucose.

This paper even linked diabetes prevalence with the use of diesel generator sets (which are major sources of dirty electricity and used almost universally on small islands or remote places not reached by an electric grid).  Levels of diabetes, fasting plasma glucose levels and obesity are highest on small islands and lowest in places with low levels of electrification.

Individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had better balance and fewer tremors when dirty electricity levels were reduced.  Those requiring a cane walked unassisted within a few days to weeks after special filters were installed in their home.  More about filters later.

In this study, dirty electricity filters were installed in 3 schools, reducing the levels of bad electricity by 90%.  Researchers noted significant improvement in headaches, general weakness, dry eyes/mouth, facial flushing, asthma, skin irritations, overall mood including depression and anxiety among staff.  The school students were mostly reported to be more active in class; more responsive, more focused; with fewer health complaints.

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The alternative viewpoint

A recent 2016 systematic scientific review said that previous studies used flawed methodology.  It found “The available evidence for [dirty electricity] as an exposure affecting human health at present does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.”

So, harmful or not harmful?  The question remains until scientific study provides a more definitive answer.

What to do if you suspect dirty electricity in your home

If you think you may have a problem with dirty electricity, it’s wise to call on the services of a Building Biologist such as The Happy Habitat. We can bring our specialist equipment to you to measure the frequency of the currents in and around your home.

One such instrument is a Graham-Stetzer meter (also known as a STETZERiZER® Microsurge Meter), designed by Professor M Graham.  These meters measure the level of harmful electromagnetic energy present. It measures in Graham-Stretzer (GS) units.

There are GS filters now on the market that can be plugged into a normal power socket located near to the site of dirty electricity.  These Stetzerizer® Filters are a means of transforming dirty electricity back into good quality power.  If yours is a typical home, it may require several of these units, placed near the appliances or areas where the highest dirty electricity is detected.  If placed randomly they can cause dirty electricity to bounce around, so it’s best to call in the help of a professional.

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