Mobile phones: 10 good reasons to switch yours off (and we’re not even talking about cancer)!

Ok, so by now most of you will have heard that there may be health risks if you use mobile phones. In particular you may know something of the possible connection between mobile phone use and cancer, mainly brain cancer.  If you’re still in the dark on that issue, then you can read a bit about cancer risk here and the dangers of mobile phones for children here.

But it’s not just cancer we need to fear when it comes to mobile phone technology.  Here’s a list we’ve put together to highlight a whole range of other concerns, ones that you probably haven’t even thought about until now.

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10 good reasons to ditch your phone

  1. Mobile phones can damage your eyes. This study showed that increased exposure to smartphones can have a negative impact on ocular health in adolescents. We're talking about symptoms such as blurring, redness, visual disturbance, secretion, inflammation, lacrimation and dryness.
  2. Using a smartphone can lead to poor posture, discomfort and pain. Musculoskeletal disorders brought on by phone use tend to relate to the hands, neck and shoulder.
  3. Mobile phones harbour all types of germs. Make sure you disinfect yours regularly!
  4. Using a phone may make you tired. It was found that overdoing the text messaging can lead to poorer sleep quality and here's a study that focused on the LED blue light emitted by smartphones and its negative impact on sleep.
  5. Old mobile phones become toxic e-waste. That's thanks to the continuous release of new versions.  Unfortunately the metals contained in discarded mobile phones can have a substantial environmental impact.
  6. Devices can make you demented. Yes, you read that right. The over-use of smartphones can lead to a decline in your cognitive abilities. The term used in South Korea is digital dementia and the condition is spreading globally.
  7. Text messaging could mean a bad school report for our kids. According to this study, adolescents who reported longer duration of messaging after lights out were more likely to have a shorter sleep duration, higher rate of daytime sleepiness, and poorer academic performance.
  8. Mobile phone exposure can negatively affect your sperm quality. Watch out, both your sperm motility and viability is at risk!
  9. Phones could make you depressed. That's because problematic smartphone use (smartphone addiction) has been linked to depression, anxiety, chronic stress and low self-esteem.
  10. Phones and other electronic devices may make our kids diabetic and fat. Unfortunately, research such as this show that high levels of screen time are linked to diabetes risk factors and adiposity in children.
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