Insomnia: how a building biologist can help you get a better sleep

Are you or someone in your family suffering from sleep troubles? Apparently you're not alone - up to 45% of Australian adults sleep poorly most nights.  We're in the grip of an epidemic!

Here's an overview of some things that we building biologists would investigate in and around a home, that may contribute to poor sleep.

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Dirty electricity: it could be in your home, causing you harm

What exactly is dirty electricity?  What potential harm can it cause? How do you know if your home is affected?  In this article we answer these questions and more.  We will help you understand how dirty electricity may negatively affect human health and how you can avoid it.

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Mobile phones: 10 good reasons to switch yours off (and we’re not even talking about cancer)!

Many of you may have heard about possible health risks if you use mobile phones. In particular you may know something of the possible connection between mobile phone use and brain cancer. 

But it’s not just cancer we need to fear when it comes to mobile phone technology.  Here’s a list we’ve put together to highlight a whole range of other concerns, ones that you probably haven’t even thought about until now.

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Some countries are taking drastic measures to limit and prevent electromagnetic radiation. But why? Humans are a highly complex electromagnetic systems and as such, we interact with external electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or EHS is a condition that covers a range of symptoms that appear to be brought on by electronic devices that emit radiation (such as mobile phones and wireless electronics). Learn more about it here and how to minimise your risk.

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Mobile Phone Warnings: What you should know

These days we hear more and more about the link between mobile phones and cancer, but is it really real?  The truth is, we don't absolutely know.  What we do know is that the World Health Organisation has found evidence to link some brain cancers to heavy mobile phone user.  Read more here about that research, the biological pathway that can lead from radiation to cancer, and learn our top 10 tips to reducing your risk.

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Should we ban our children from using mobile phones & tablets?

Is there a connection between mobile phone use and cancer, or not? Right now, the research, along with the experts are divided.  Given our ever increasing reliance on mobile devices along with the World Health Organisation’s latest classification that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic, perhaps it just makes good sense to keep our children away from this technology.  Quite aside from the potential brain tumour they may (or may not) develop now or in later years, there is certainly a new set of behaviours emerging around technology addiction in our young folk and this alone is very disturbing.

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