Living or working in an unhealthy environment can pose serious health risks.  These are many and varied and subject to individual circumstances, which must be properly diagnosed by a doctor or specialist.  Having said that, the following is a list of common health complaints that have been linked to unhealthy buildings:

·         Frequent colds and flu

·         Sore throat and itchy eyes

·         Upper respiratory complaints such as asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis

·         Allergies, eczema and skin rashes

·         Tiredness and insomnia

·         Muscle pain or joint pain

·         Headaches, tinnitus, vision problems

·         Cognitive issues (memory, concentration, brain fog)

·         Mood swings

·         Behavioural problems in children

In more extreme cases, fertility problems and miscarriage, autoimmune diseases, psychological issues (such as depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD) and cancer have been reported.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms or collection of symptoms and have concerns about your health and ability to heal, we strongly recommend you seek medical attention.

If you believe your building may be contributing towards your ill health, then engaging the services of a Building Biologist (such as one from The Happy Habitat), is a sensible way to assess the environment within your home and determine whether there is a connection between your home and your health.