Our expert will assess your home for risks relating to air quality, water quality, mould, dust and other allergens, chemicals, toxins, bacteria, electromagnetic fields and other forms of radiation.

The consultant will perform a detailed examination of your home both externally and internally, including the structure and materials used in the home; furnishings and furniture type and placement; electronic devices; water and gas services; as well as checking out what you keep in your garage, your bathroom cabinets and even under your kitchen sink!

The consultant will pay particular attention to the sleeping areas of all family members as this is due to the increased susceptibility of humans to toxins, radiation and other artificial stimuli during sleep.

Our consultants are specially trained to use equipment that can measure the levels of radiation in your home relating to electronics, electricity meters, mobile towers etc.

Humidity testing devices will also be utilised if there is a risk of dampness present.

Full mould testing is also available, however, this is an additional service as it involves specialised laboratory analysis of samples.

If you're pregnant or have recently welcomed a new baby to the home, you may find our Newborn Baby Consult more relevant to you.

See also our FAQs for more information on what to expect during your consultation.

Healthy home consultations start from $495.