About Jan

Jan is a member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists and founded The Happy Habitat in 2016. With a long history of health issues related to mould and dust mite sensitivities, Jan’s passion is to educate people about creating a healthy living environment for families and parents-to-be.

His approach is to keep things simple and most importantly actionable.  He shares his insights from his own experience as a sufferer of allergies and asthma and as a student of Building Biology.

Jan specialises in diagnosing and treating rising damp. He provides expert advice on addressing the underlying cause of moisture in masonry and offers a permanent and eco-friendly solution to eliminate rising damp in buildings.

About Mikala

Mikala is an ACES-certified building biologist and accredited member of the Australian Society of Building Biologists who specialises in mould, EMF and geopathic stress.  

She is particularly passionate about helping people find practical and cost-effective solutions to minimising mould and EMF exposure after being affected by both, in her home, over many years.

"The Happy Habitat team conducted a thorough review of our home and provided practical and inexpensive options that have led to a dramatic reduction in mould levels, damp, electricity pollution and allergens, with the result of an improvement in our family's overall health. We would thoroughly recommend The Happy Habitat to anyone who is concerned about their home and whether it could be adversely affecting their and other members of the household's health."

Georgia & Andrew, Naremburn NSW

“I would highly recommend using Jan and the team at Happy Habitat if you have any concerns about your property or a property you are thinking of purchasing. I got in touch with Jan when doing my due diligence on a property I was keen to buy. An issue with rising damp and mould in the sub floor meant we needed to get an expert in to assess the real extent of what we would be dealing with should we go ahead and bid. Jan was more than happy to evaluate and called me straight afterwards to discuss his findings. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the aforementioned issues and was able to answer all questions I had in relation to how we go about dealing/fixing the issue. I learned a lot about mould / rising damp from that phone call! He was also on hand to chat should we have any more questions. Considering mould and rising damp can be detrimental to your families health, I couldn't recommend Jan highly enough should you need assistance with your home. We didn't end up buying the property, however, had we done so I would have booked Jan in to come and fix the rising damp asap.”

Helen Girdlestone, Sydney NSW