Toxic mould

Did you know that water penetration and dampness is the number one problem faced by the construction industry?  Unfortunately, dampness in a home encourages toxic mould growth, which can have devastating affects on the structure of the home itself as well as the health of the inhabitants. 

For a start, mould exposure during infancy increases asthma risk - research has shown that infants who live in "mouldy" homes are three times more likely to develop asthma by age 7.  Aside from respiratory complaints, the list of common symptoms of mould illness is staggering.  It includes cognitive issues (like brain fog, headaches, vision problems and insomnia), muscle and joint pain, psychological issues (such as depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD), as well as autoimmune and neuroimmune conditions.

It is estimated that approximately 50% of mould growth in a damp indoor environment is hidden.  Mould is often lurking where you can't see it... within wall cavities, carpets, furnishings, ceilings…  The key is to know what to look for, which is why it pays to have an expert conduct a proper on-site assessment and testing to ascertain the extent of the problem.

Our staff carry testing equipment that can measure moisture on the spot.  We can also take samples to be sent off to a laboratory for analysis and there are times we would strongly recommend this, although it can involve extra lab costs (which we always discuss with you first).

If you suspect a mould problem in your home, don't delay.  Get in contact with us today about how we can help.

Mould audits start from $449.