Are you expecting a new baby and want to ensure that you're bringing that child into the best, most healthy environment possible?  Of course, we want to see both mother and baby thrive (and Dad too, for that matter!), and see that baby gets the very best start in life and that's what this consult is all about.

First and foremost, our consultant will test either the nursery or the pregnant mum's bedroom for electromagnetic fields (EMF). That's because these can be not only harmful for mother and baby but they can really interfere with the body's natural processes like sleep, which is super important for everyone in those early stages.  To read more about EMF, refer to our blog posts here.

We will also take a good look around your home and search out any dangers that you hadn't considered.  The types of things we consider and discuss with you include paints, furniture and soft furnishings, bedding, skin care and household cleaning products, baby items such as baby monitors, baby bottles and toys.  By the time we leave, you'll have a wealth of information on keeping your home as natural and healthy as possible for the wellbeing of baby and all within.

See also our FAQs for more information on what to expect during your consultation.

Pregnancy / newborn home consultations cost $385.