Our clients choose us for a home consultation for the following reasons:

  • They may feel that their home, or something within it, is making them ill.
  • They may be uncertain whether health hazards exist and concerned about maintaining good health.
  • They may be expecting a new baby and want to ensure that they are bringing that child into the healthiest environment possible, so that both mother and baby thrive…and baby gets the very best start in life.
  • They may already have children and want to improve the health status, sleep patterns, happiness and overall wellbeing of everyone in the family by checking that there aren’t any hidden health dangers they are being exposed to.
  • They may be looking to move into a new home and, in the same way as one would get a building inspection for the soundness of the building itself, clients are now asking for a more holistic health inspection (which is not covered by a building inspector) which will give them peace of mind that their potential new home will not cause them any significant health problems.